Plutonium : HYBRID's extremely precise TRACKING SOLUTION

No delay when used with Hybrid's camera robotics

Tight Integration between Real and Virtual Cameras

Combine power and precision with Hybrid’s virtual set tracking solution.

Tracking solutions provide real-time, precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer-generated backgrounds. From hand-held, XYZ movements to PTZF, Hybrid employs an open and scalable solution for tracking virtual reality - whether using Hybrid’s precise motion tracking robotic camera support, or interfacing with any of the third-party tracking systems available.

An added benefit of employing Hybrid's robotic tracking systems is the absence of the need for video and audio delays, known as the zero delay feature. Hybrid provides a set of tools for calibration which are the most accurate and flexible to use, which becomes critical during set up and live production.

Using Full Featured Krypton Real-Time Graphic Rendering Engine

The tracking version relies on and uses all the strength and all features of Krypton, Hybrid's real time 3D rendering engine.

  • Integrated with most of the existing external tracking devices such as Mo-sys, Motion Analysis, Vinten, etc.
  • No video/audio delay when combined with Hybrid's robotic tracking support systems
  • Rendering of 3D virtual set and graphics from the same rendering engine
  • High accuracy calibration and camera tracking tools
  • HD and SD Formats supported
  • All types of movements are supported from handheld to jib movements
  • Flexible production workflow
  • Integrates seamlessly with automation and vision mixers
  • Multiple Inputs/Outputs
  • Powerful graphic and special effects capabilities
  • Multi layering

This is a connection scheme sample, with 3 cameras, with each type of Hybrid's head, and 2 rendering engines.

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