Virtual Screening

Replace your expensive Video walls

The use of real video screens is no longer needed thanks to the virtual screens solution. Real video walls can get quickly obsolete, they usually request a lot of space and are very expensive to maintain. Big video walls can be inserted as a background with a green screen shape on the wall or as foreground objects elevating in the studio space or popping out of the floor.

Play multiple video sources

Those virtual video walls can be fed with either live video content, template graphics or pre-recorded video files. Those videos can be controlled through Ozone external control application or using our interactive Ozone version for Android touchscreen tablets.

  • No obsolence
  • Gain of space
  • High realism
  • Camera tracking interface with Hybrid’s robotic tracking no audio/video delays
  • 3rd party motion tracking interfaces
  • Real screen replacement or add of virtual screens as foreground or background objects
  • Live video feeds or pre recorded video files
  • Video control through Ozone external control application or through Hybrid’s Android control application
  • Live feed with real time virtual scenery or 3D template based graphics