Multi Camera Mastering

SporTrack is an innovative technology from Hybrid that enables robotic cameras to automatically follow live game action. It sends the positional tracking data from the manned master camera to an unmanned slave camera so that it can follow the game’s movement.

With it, sports broadcasters can reduce the number of manned cameras required to cover a live game. It reduces operating costs and enriches the quality of the program. Broadcasters and production companies can employ more cameras to cover the game while staying within increasingly tight, competitive budgets.

Following live action in real-time

When we began developing this technology, we needed to determine how a robotic camera could be made to see and follow fast moving live game action like soccer or football in real-time? After considerable trial and error, Hybrid discovered the answer. A manned Cartoni motion tracking pan/tilt/zoom/focus (PTZF) camera serves as the master camera, which is networked to a Hybrid Titanium robotic camera head.

Using the newly developed software and drivers from Hybrid, all of the camera data - including position, angle, distance, and speed - is optically tracked, encoded and transmitted by the Cartoni camera over to the Titanium robotic camera head. These coordinates “tell” the Titanium (robotic slave) camera head how and where to move to follow the game action precisely.

The idea for SporTrack was inspired by Host Broadcast Systems (HBS), who needed this kind of technology to cover their soccer championships. Owned by Infront Sports & Media, HBS is the host broadcaster of major sporting events, including the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup Championships in Brazil.

  • Operation and resources optimisation
  • Massive camera management out of few operations
  • Ability to add animated Augmented Reality on top of shots

This is a connection scheme sample, with 2 Sensored manual Camera heads and Slave robotic cameras.