Live Interactions

Interaction is Crucial

Interaction today is crucial as the audience is interacting with media content everyday through tablets and mobile phone.

Video presentation shall endeavor the same attitude, so anchors and audience shall be interacting with graphic content to produce more exciting and compelling content.


Anchor Interaction

Two levels have been developed to interact with real-time 3D Graphics. Whether the presentation includes virtual set or augmented reality, the anchor can directly interact with graphics through a Kinect interface using their body to manipulate graphics, a motion capture tracked hand, or by using an Android touch screen tablet. Graphics could be related to news, sports, weather, financial information, etc. This way of telling the story gets the journalist or anchor closer to their subject of information. And with the Android application of our Ozone controller, one can control content, and trigger events and camera position - all from the tablet.


Audience Interaction

Today the audience is instantly reacting to news through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Hybrid has developed a native interface to its Ozone controller, with, a social media interactivity suite, including moderation and real-time social messages publishing. A very tight integration with the powerful Screenso media content publishing suite is also in place. These messages can truly be actors inside the content - whether inserted as augmented reality graphics, inside a video a wall, or within a ticker or a pop up graphic.

  • Physical interaction with Kinect interface or MotionAnalysis
  • Touch screen interaction through Android tablet application
  • Interaction through social media networks with interface to
  • Tight integration with Screenso, media content management for social TV, software suites
  • Can be used with on air graphics within tickers, lower thirds…