Augmented Reality

Immerse Virtual into the Real

Unlike conventional on-air graphics, augmented reality graphics are part of the audiovisual real/actual content. 3D objects and animations track perfectly with the motion of the actual camera. Hybrid's augmented reality solution will help broadcasters to enrich their presentation. Whether it's virtual advertisement, business graphics, elections, etc., Hybrid can help you enhance your physical set augmented with real-time, template-based and/or data-driven 3D graphics and animations. And since the graphics are inserted as foreground graphics, no chroma-keyer is needed.

Outdoor Graphics

If there is a need to insert logos, advertisement or real-time 3D objects, the powerful Krypton 3D engine will render real-time 3D graphics onto building, rivers, stadiums as if they were part of the reality. With motion tracking technology camera moves around these objects is made possible.

Enhancing Your Existing Studio Set

If you want to change the look and feel of your set, you could use our augmented reality solution combined with our tracking technology to enrich your content with virtual objects which could be props, 3D objects, animations, big screens or video walls.

  • Insertion of 3D graphics and videos into existing physical sets, with precise support of camera movement
  • Multi camera production
  • Integrated to Hybrid’s camera robotics tracking technology
  • Integration to 3rd-party motion tracking devices from hand-held to PTZF camera motion
  • Multiple live video feeds
  • HD/SD compatible
  • No video/audio delays when used with Hybrid’s camera robotics tracking technology
  • Ready for template-based graphics control
  • Integration with external studio devices such as Snell Kahuna vision mixers
  • Integration with external data feeds (social media, sms, live sports data…)