Manages and controls all camera moves and graphical events, requiring only a single cameraman for multi camera production. Using an intuitive and straightforward touch screen GUI, offers the fastest and most efficient way for managing sophisticated operating environments, with a few clicks or touch manipulations.

  • Controls all camera moves and specific parameters
  • Quick save, rename, delete and overwrite of camera positions
  • Video preview of each camera
  • Simple reorganization of stored positions, including drag-and-drop
  • Easy speed timing adjustment between two positions
  • Unlimited number of recorded positions
  • Can control an unlimited number of cameras from a single station
  • Advance programming functions : configuration per show, adjustable speed for each move


  • Controls all Hybrid robotic products
  • Can control multiple Cobalt head controllers
  • Video preview of each controlled camera
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Runs on Linux-based 2 rack units PC