Designed to control all Hybrid robotic products. Genlock-able, guarantees proper synchronization with the virtual.
Embedding a small Linux PC-based smart engine, ensures easy setup and future proof.

  • CAN Technology based
  • LCD screen UI to select camera and speed
  • 12 fully configurable push buttons
  • Precise smooth joystick control
  • Specific configurations of control possible on each P/T/Z/F axis (and H/V boom in crane case)
  • Control over speed and limit for any axis, with adjustable speed dampening
  • Genlock input (Blackburst)
  • Handles PAL 50 Hz and NTSC 59,94/60 Hz systems

Can be coupled with Mercury control software with touch screen interface

  • Number of cameras controlled: up to 8
  • Shot storage: Per camera 100/800
  • Built-in
  • Desktop setup :
  • Height : 125mm, 5”
  • Width : 302mm, 11”3/4
  • Depth : 330mm, 12” 3/4