Small, light-weight and flexible

Common Features

Hybrid’s robotic product line is focused on one commitment: precision. In fact, the technology it relies on is so precise that camera moves may be predicted and anticipated to produce the exclusive unique feature known as Zero Delay. With this feature, neither video, nor audio delays is required.

All robots are controlled by the Cobalt panel, but may also be driven by the Mercury software graphic and user-friendly control interface.

All robots are designed to provide perfect replicable motion, with variable adjustable speeds.

All robot data can be exported for further 3D use (post-production, repeatable motion, etc.)

Easy setup: once the physical studio is measured and the cameras positioned, the calibration process is straightforward, and can be done in minutes: just aim on a few targets in the studio with the camera, save them, and then the virtual set is registered.

Data communication is based on reliable and industrial vehicle CAN protocol, which guarantees the overall precision and strength.

  • Small size and light-weight
  • Designed to be used everywhere
  • Water-resistant
  • Ceiling, wall or tripod mounting
  • Low noise during movement

Silver II

  • Height: 20 cm / 7.87 inches
  • Width: 15.3 cm / 6.02 inches
  • Length: 15.3 cm / 6.02 inches
  • Weight: 8,4 kg / 18,5 lbs
  • Maximum payload: 9 kg / 20 lbs
  • Pan range: 340°
  • Maximum speed: Pan/Tilt configurable up to 100°/sec
  • Minimum speed: Pan/Tilt 0.01°/sec
  • Repeatability: 0.02 arcmin/0.003°
  • Lens zoom and focus drives