Ozone is mainly Hybrid’s recommended tool for building GUI Controllers for its applications.

Based on the powerful cross-platform Qt’s SDK, Ozone may be considered as a Widget box/set, where Widgets are graphic atomic elements giving users interactive features (such as buttons, sliders, checkboxes, etc.).

In practice, Ozone is the recommended control panel application for driving virtual sets/reality in Krypton/Neon.

Flexible and Simple Production

Using Hybrid’s external control application, Ozone, a custom controller can be created:

A user can create macros to control graphics, animations, video inputs and outputs, external devices, external data and transitions through Ozone's (widget based) graphical interface. Ozone can also automatically trigger either robotic or virtual camera motion through its widget and GUI; Mercury. The system includes drivers for multiple vision mixers such as Blackmagic Design's ATEM or the Snell Kahuna, or just simply through GPI. Switching sets is a couple of clicks away… as are real-time overlay graphics and events.

This architecture may be built and addressed from different levels of access:

  • Application level : simple usage of dedicated predefined interfaces built according to customer specifications (operation mode)
  • Integration level : system’s customization using predefined, recurrent and simple set of macros and templates (customization mode)
  • Expert level : low level access to system’s unitary commands based on a powerful scripted API (programming mode)