Overall Architecture

An Open Solution

Hybrid’s virtual set core engine is open to any type of external devices within a production environment. Integration with vision mixers, automation or other devices in a production studio is seamless, thanks to Hybrid’s open technology architecture. Every basic internal function is accessible through the powerful real-time Lua scripting engine.

External data can also drive Hybrid’s real-time impressive 3D graphic engine Krypton. This includes the ability to render data for any type of application: social media messages (Twitter, Facebook), SMS, live sports or live elections.

Hybrid works with a large range of technology vendors around its platform.

This architecture may be built and addressed from different levels of access:

  • Application level : simple usage of dedicated predefined interfaces built according to customer specifications (operation mode)
  • Integration level : system’s customization using predefined, recurrent and simple set of macros and templates (customization mode)
  • Expert level : low level access to system’s unitary commands based on a powerful scripted API (programming mode)