Impressive Graphic Capabilities

Based on the OpenGL standard, which ensures compliancy and fast evolution, Hybrid’s core rendering engine allows impressive realistic and real-time graphic effects.

Some important shaders have been developed to assist in the quality of the image to approach photo-realism and merge seamlessly with the real.

Some examples:

  • Depth of field (allows simulating the lens focal length: background is focusing or defocusing exactly as if the camera was real).
  • Bump mapping
  • Glows
  • Reflection
  • Refraction…

One unique feature of Hybrid’s powerful graphic engine is the ability to render to texture (also known as RTT) - allowing rendering several virtual scenes as a real-time animated texture, from within a single rendering engine.

Some examples:

  • An interactive, real-time, 3D independent geographic map flythrough can be rendered within the primary virtual set
  • Multiple camera views
  • A second 3D set in a virtual screen
  • Creation and control of reflections on set floor, as well as individual elements in the scene

Import Capabilities

Krypton - Hybrid's 3D graphic engine, can import geometry and scenes from any of the popular 3D modeling and animation packages available - thanks to its Autodesk FBX (and Collada) format plug in importer.

Our import module allows importing geometry, animations, material and textures along with their respective lighting and coordinates . This approach allows graphic designers to keep their skills on their creative software of choice and guarantees most of the work will not require extra learning curve.

Multiple Video Inputs and Outputs

Using Platinum's HD/SD rendering PC platform, Hybrid’s tracking virtual set solution offers multiple video inputs and outputs (for example, a single Platinum rendering engine can support 3 live streams in and 3 out, for a one-to-one relationship with the house switcher). Any combination of up to 6 HD input/output options is supported. Sources for live video inputs can be cameras, video recorders, or any live feed. Thanks to its RTT feature, Hybrid also supports muti-channel rendering on the same engine. This means that not only are switcher transitions such as wipes or dissolves supported, but it also allows monitoring the full final composited preview and even auxiliaries. If additional input/output options are desired, this can be done by employing additional rendering engines.

New in 2014! The engine is able to output in streaming format (RTMP, etc.). Several concurrent outputs are supported.

  • Real-time 3D outputs (up to 6 without matte, 3 with mattes)
  • Scenes (geometry, shader, texture, compositing,…) editing features
  • 3D scenes Import through Collada and FBX interchange format. Geometry, single materials and texture coordinates are preserved. With FBX, animations are also preserved.
  • Multiple layering for each output, including orthographic views (well suited for standard character generator and on air graphics)
  • OpenGL shading scheme compliant
  • Internal beveled primitives, including text, pie charts and polylines
  • Fully open and scriptable (using embedded Lua engine)
  • Unlimited RTT (Render to Texture) feature
  • Map-able Movie files