1987: Synthetic TV Project inside INA

1992: First Virtual Studio technology

1995: Technology bought by Discreet Logic to create the Virtual Studio solution Frost

1997: Hybrid MC’s company creation

1999: Easy Set: first end to end solution for Virtual Studios combining robotic tracking, 

               software and hardware based rendering engine

2005-2009: New line and design of camera heads and support.

              The company becomes also precision robotics manufacturer

2009: Neon: Hybrid’s trackless and entry-level Virtual Studio solution

2010: The company name changes to Hybrid

2012: Enhancement and redesign of the overall software architecture with the introduction of the                   

               MetaBus and layered open architecture allowing template based library conception     

2013: Design and manufacturing of "Maryan" the new Robotic controller

2014: Graphic engine enhanced with Mixer effect features